We're proud to be one of the largest independently owned manufacturer of the paper box & paper bag packaging solutions in China


MANUFACTURE  All Produced In-House

Print Machine

Print-First Impression

Bright Color Enhance Your Brand

Sixan Packaging brought in the first set of Roland 700 Evolution Manroland-Sheetfed 4+1 UV Offset Printing Machine which is responding to today’s market to make qualified printing effect to let your packaging standing out among competitors.

Our trained and experienced staffs are working on color control to decrease color deviation

Lamination - Cover Print Or Protect Surface

Matte or Gloss Lamination

 Sixian Packaging brought in Automatic Lamination Machine HongQiang ZDFM1100 in 2016. No matter which way you prefer to add, the purpose of lamination is to cover print and protect it against long term abuse from rubbing or scratching, providing a waterproof layer of protection. It’s important to understand though, that a clear overlay can totally change the look of your products, anyhow, all depend on customer request.

Matte or Glossy Lamination
Foil Stamping

Hot Foil Stamping- Make A Difference

Dedicate To The Smallest Details 

In-House stamping, embossing, debossing and combination stamping capabilities continue to expand in both capacity and range of capabilities. We are able to maintain absolute control of the quality to produce your products

Gold or silver foil is avaiable or appointed foil is acceptable for particular customers.

Die Cutting-Piece Into Complete

Craftsmanship Working On The Cutting Edge

DAYUAN MHC-1080R, a High-Speed Die Cutting Machine has displayed on a showcase floor pressing with stock ranging in all sizes and weights. Scanning every printed sheet that passes through, quality control and efficiency is at the highest level on every job run that is taking actions without delay.

Die Cut

Warehouse-A Big Plant

We own a 3000 square-meter warehouse to store your products. We are engaged with experienced warehouse management. All the goods are well-positioned. Our warehouse creates time utility by bringing the time gap between the production and consumption of goods. It helps in making available the goods whenever required or demanded by the customers.

Some goods are produced throughout the year but demanded only during particular seasons. Some products are demanded throughout the year but they are produced at a certain time so we need to keep them in the warehouse.


Since our inception in 2009, Sixan Packaging has invested heavily in a diverse range of packaging equipment.

Equipment that we purchased in early years was soon replaced as various technological breakthrough in Printing, Die cutting, Lamination, UV spot, Hot foil stamping, Automatic Paper Box Making and Inject Machine etc

Machine Name      Brand Model No.                                                                  Quantity      Number Of Year Used    Condition

Print Machine              Roland 700 Evolution Maroland Sheet-Fed                         1                         2                                                          Acceptable

Automatic Die Cut    DaYuan MHC-1080R                                                                         1                         2                                                          Acceptable

Die Cutting                   CHENLI PY0203A-                                                                               5                         5                                                          Acceptable

Auto-Lamination      HongQiang ZDFM1100                                                                     1                         2                                                          Acceptable

Paper Cut                      C-UOWEI 137                                                                                          1                         3                                                          Acceptable

Lamination                   GuangMing SWAFM-1050                                                               1                         3                                                          Acceptable

Platesetter                  Kodak Trend SetterDaYuan MHC-1080R                                 1                         2                                                          Acceptable

Inject Machine         HaiDa HDJS168                                                                                        4                         5                                                          Acceptable

Inject Machine         HaiDa HDX128                                                                                          1                         5                                                          Acceptable

Inject Machine         HaiDa HDJS88                                                                                           2                         5                                                         Acceptable

Self Packing               C2B 450A                                                                                                       6                         2                                                          Acceptable

Hot Foil Stamp         RuiYang TYMB-1040                                                                              1                         5                                                          Acceptable

Auto-Box Making   FG-8000LBJ 450A                                                                                   1                         2                                                          Acceptable

Auto-Box Making   FG-1100C416                                                                                            1                         2                                                          Acceptable


Finishing & Packing-Machine Made Or Hand Made

Where Teamwork Come Together At The Finishing&Packing Line

Built for high speed and accuracy, the Finishing&Packing Department is the largest production area at Sixan Packaging operation,driven by an experienced staff of men and women no matter if it is machine made or hand made. Equipped with the most advanced gluing and quality inspection equipment, optimal control and efficiency are achieved. Our Eight Newest Finishing&Packing Lines make it possible to produce bulk orders with large quantities and deliver within anticipated time.

Our experienced packing staff know the standard and requirement. Every step is followed carefully to protect being scratched or damaged. We have the ability to conduct the most complex packaging box ever imagined.

Inspection - Top Quality Assurance

The royal thumbs up all round 

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

In Every function at Sixan Packaging Company, quality is the driving force

Our philosophy is that every staff member is responsible for the quality we build into our products and the service we provide our customers. Our customers know our solid reputation for quality assurance and consistency. In our ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, FSC, FDA, LFGB certified, our products are widely shipped out to anywhere you expected.

Having continuously supplied packaging products to a wide range of industries especially in food bakery, we have been able to develop our internal management to deal with the ever stringent and demanding requirements placed on us in today’s ever changing market place.

Being fully committed to improving all aspects of our business we are constantly looking new an d innovative ways of achieving sustained excellence. With continued investment in machinery, new technologies, we truly believe in continuous improvement to ensure the future growth and development of our business.


Custom Packaging is absolutely crucial in today's market, yet, not many packaging companies or custom box manufacturers offer full flexibility & personalized brand packaging solutions.

However at Sixan Packaging, we offer full range of services for food bakery cake box, dessert box, cookie box, macaron box, bakery paper bag, sweet box, candy box, chocolate box, cheese cake box, kraft paper cake box, lunch paper box, and others which make it easier to produce specialized custom cardboard boxes with your own logo and design.

We specialize in short run & long run orders and offer custom box printing in all quantities. We take pride on our products as well as our exceptional customer support.  Why should you choose Sixan Packaging as your one-stop-factory for all your custom box packaging needs?

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