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Our customers tell us we offer consistency and reliability of product and service so that they do not fall at the final hurdle, getting their product to their customers in well presented, brand enhancing packaging.

We help you enhance your brand with high quality shelf, retailer packaging solutions. We’re far from your average box plant; we’re forward thinking company with years of expertise and experience in creating custom branded packaging and imaginative box shapes and functionality. Increasing your sales and putting your brand at the forefront of your customers minds is what we do best.

A Leading Independently Owned Manufacturer Of Bakery Paper Packaging Box

  • Providing One-Stop Food Bakery Packaging Box Purchasing Service
  • Making Custom Paper Packaging Box Solutions & Design Standing-Out Artworks 
  • Delivering Standard Top Quality Products To Customers For Brand Enhancing


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Design Team

Expert Design Team

Our Packaging Designers have years of experience and will work with you on a one-to-one basis to develop your vision and concept into an effective and attractive packaging solutions for your products.


With fully trained in house designers we pride ourselves on design flair and our open-minded approach when Develop Packaging Solutions


Manufacturing In -House

We provide in house manufacturing facilities and continually investing in and maintain our packaging machinery to ensure you get the best products. It’s one- stop purchase business, from inquiry to production and delivery.

Our Roland 700 Evolution Manroland-Sheetfed 4+1 Offset Printing Machine is responding to today's market to make qualified printing effect to let your packaging standing out among competitors

Printing Process

Highly Skilled Packaging Specialists

Our packaging specialists are highly skilled providing 5 star service. We Get agency-like, one-on-one service from real people that speak design and packaging.


Our packaging specialists work with you to understand your goals to recommend solutions catered to your project. At the very core of our business, we understand that our customers’ success is our success.

At Sixan Packaging, we’re proud to offer the best quality products to our customers to enhance your brand uniquely. We specialize in designing and manufacturing a comprehensive range of paper packaging, including bakery cake box, macaron box, cookie box, popcorn box, cupcake box, sandwich box, sweet box, candy box, dessert box, egg tart box, muffin box, gable box, PET box, paper shopping bag, take out paper bag, kraft paper bag, gift paper bag, pizza box, take out paper box, chocolate box, paper straw and label sticker etc.

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Why 200+ Brand Customers Choose Us

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Design Team

What your packaging requirements, our designers are able to provide creative designs and bring ideas to life

Technical Support

Expertise in structural packaging design, our innovative approach is backed by a very high level of experience

Print Color Control

Our Roland 700 Evolution Manroland Sheet-Fed Print Machine bring a visual impack to your product

Manufacture In-House

Alighing our packaging capabilities with the requirements of the market place. Almost every step is finished in-house

Low Min Order Qty

No matter business is big or small, we do the best. We provide min order qty to support new starters as lower as to 5,00 pieces

A Competitive Price

We are able to compete with our  competitors ( traders & agents ) by offering  very low price since all are manufactured in-house

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